Saturday, February 6, 2010


Valentine's day rose.
I only edited this one

Showbox sodo


Melanie's cat; she is handicapped, literally.

Lake Wilderness

My backyard

Melanie took this, except I did select the pose and point of view. I also edited this.

To me, this looks like a portal or something.

Baybuh girl Rory.

Personal favorite

Curly branched bush...

This tree was actually brown, but I wanted to make it look more like fall.

My girls! Melanie and Rory :)


  1. Oh I love your pictures Mackenzie!! I didn't know that you were interested in photography!! I am excited you started a blog! Are you coming with Mel to Utah in March?

  2. Oh thank you Jess! I am just figuring out how to comment and stuff. I tried to be a follower of your blog but can't figure it out and ended up following myself. The pictures of Allie with the heart lights are soooo adorable!